in Uptown Whittier

Basic and Beyond Argentine Tango with Carlos & Pamala Lovera 


Instructor, Carlos Lovera 

Assisted by Pamala Lovera

What is Argentine Tango? 

Originating Buenos Aires in 1890s the Tango has enthralled both dancers and audiences for over a hundred years. It is an improvisational social dance that embodies passion, and offers satisfying emotional connection betwen partners. But Tango is more than a dance... It is also a special type of nostalgic lyrical music with a distinctive rhythm. Tango is also a culture within communities empcoassing lessons, practices and Milongas, and in Argentina it is an entire life style. 

Beginner's Expectations

Most Americans get introduced to the tango via professional shows, done on stages with exaggerated movements, fancy leg flings, and considerable acrobatic stunts. Broadway and Hollywood have popularized this "show tango" image. And American, Ballroom, or International tango dancing actually seeks to emulate these shows. But Argentine is none of these. It is a social dance. 

Introduction to Argentine Tango

Week One:
The Tango Embrace and Posture
Introduction to the Tango Walk
Learn the basic 8 count pattern to start the dance
Week Two:
Review the Embrace, Walk and Basic Pattern
Introduction to "backwards Ochos"
Week Three:
Review previous lessons
Introductions to "forward Ochos"
Week Four:
Review previous lessons
Introduction to the "Molinete"
Week Five:
Review previous lessons
Introduction to the "Sandwichito"